{ Automatic Updater }

The Automatic Updater is a tool that helps keep the GDSV up-to-date. The Automatic Updater will runs when the GDSV is run and makes sure that the installed version of the GDSV is the most recent. Since it is far from convinient to check for updates on every run of the GDSV, the Automatic Updater can be customized to only check once in a certain amount of time.

When the Automatic Updater runs, at the top of the window you can select to have the updater check for updates once per run (every time you run the GDSV), day, week, and month. By selecting once per Week, for example, the Automatic Updater would only check for update once every week.

However, what if I NEVER want the Automatic Updater to run, or ALWAYS want it to run? This is still possible:

Always or Never running the updater

This is accomplished by changing the arguments sent to the executable JAR. The GDSV accepts one boolean argument: true if you always want the updater to run, false if you never want it to run, and blank if you wish for the GDSV to use the user preferences.

To change these options, right click on "Run the GDSV" shortcut found on you desktop. Select "Properties" and select the "Shortcut" tab. Under the "Target" option you will see something to the extent of: "C:\Program Files\GDSV\GDSV.exe"

Simply add "true" or "false" to the end of the target:

"C:\Program Files\GDSV\GDSV.exe" true

"C:\Program Files\GDSV\GDSV.exe" false

The quotes should be included (for Windows XP users).