Computer Science

Maybe we have some common interests. Read on until you're bored.(won't take long)
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AP-related Information I've been teaching AP Computer Science since 1996. I have been an AP Reader for the College Board for 7 of those years. I became an AP Consultant in 2005. Prior to becoming a consultant for the CB I gave several week-long AP CS workshops in California and Las Vegas. Many of those workshops were done in conjunction with Chapman University and my good friend Dr. Arnold Shugarmann, program director. I really enjoy working with my peers during these hands-on workshops - we have a blast and exchange lots of good materials and ideas. A few years back I was fortunate enough to get involved with Gary and Maria Litvin and their AP Review Book - I learned a lot. The new Java5 version of our book just came out summer '06. One of the most fun and rewarding projects I've worked on was with a student and it turned into something we call Jamtester.
originally from
Illinois (I'm a Midwesterner @ heart)
p.s. Please don't pronounce the 's' in Illinois!
p.s.s. Illinois is NOT in the East, as many Californians say when I tell them where I'm from. Check with the map or a Geography teacher.
Grandma Wittry
was the valedictorian of her class and was offered a scholarship to Loyola Uni.; first hs graduate in her family of 13 kids; father wanted her to work on farm - mother put foot down and said my daughter is the first in family to be able to go to college, and that is damn well where she's goin'; was asked to teach German as a junior in college because Prof. got ill - this paid for her last 2 yrs. in college; was a long-time teacher!
Where in the world do I live?
Schools I've taught at
Cerritos ('96-'99)
Troy ('99 - '05)
Taipei American School (present)
Taipei, Taiwan
moved there the summer of 2005
1 daughter & 1 son (see below)
Jody (Taiwanese)
favorite food
Taiwanese/Chinese (coincidence?)
English and German, Mandarin(some)
Computer Science, Math
learning languages(both computer and spoken), Mountain Biking(more below) and more recently I'm now a roadie(on bikes, that is) and triathlete
BA Computer Science & Mathematics, Lake Forest College
BS German, Southern Ill. Uni.
MS Computer Science, Southern Ill. Uni.
lived in
Dresden, Germany - worked at Technische Universitaet
Bregenz, Austria - worked & lived in private boys boarding school - Servus, Oesterreicher!
Water - the cure for many things - you must read this

here are my 3 kids - Kaylin(3/12/2000), Darren(2/14/2002), and Kona(5/2004)
(Since moving to Taiwan I have a Giant TCR C1 road bike - it's sweet - pics)

YangMingShan Cycling Club (Northern Taiwan) - join us - Routes - Annual Event

24 Hours of Adrenaline race (my team was PedalSlaves)
YCC - Riding Club in Taipei
favorite trails - Peter's Canyon - Aliso Woods - Bunch of Good Trails - Idyllwild
Counting Coup - ridiculously hard 44 miles with 8500' elevation gain -
took me 7hrs. 38minutes to finish - rested only about 13 minutes in total

my first triathlon (TaiDong, Taiwan)
future goals to be listed here when completed: my first IronMan 70.3, and my first IronMan