Computer Science
Geometry w/ Proof

Algebra II
(I don't teach it this year)

ch3 schedule

ch4 schedule
ch5 schedule

ch6 schedule

Reasons Used in Proof (updated 11/25)

Chapter 6
section 6-4 answers for #21, #24

Final Exam
review sheet (answers)
answers to ch1-5 review in your book

review2 (answers)

Chapter 5
Special Quads Worksheet (answers)
Coordinate Geometry Worksheet (answers)

End-of-chapter Reivew and Test answers
extra practice (answers)

Chapter 4
In-class: ways to show triangle congruence
GSP - Custom Tool Creation (video)
worksheet 9E (answers)
worksheet 10E (answers)
lesson 4-2 and 4-3
lesson 4-4
lesson 4-5 and 4-6
Altitude/Centroid/etc. Worksheet #1(answers)
Altitude/Centroid/etc. Worksheet #2(step-by-step directions - answers)

details about special centers

Chapter 3
lesson 3-1 and 3-2 (OneNote)
lesson 3-3 (OneNote)

Extra parallel lines Proofs (answers)
parallel lines ws (answers)

hw #33 answer
test review packet answers

Chapter 2
Locic notes 1

Logic Introduction
Logic Practice
section 2-2, 2-3 lesson

ch2 Test Practice - Proofs
ch2Review (answerDoc1, answerDoc2)

Chapter 1
day one activity
GSP Lab 1

Electronic Textbook
You have a choice. You can either download the entire textbook at once(85Mb) or download the chapters as you need them. Either way, here are the directions for downloading and unzipping the files.

1) click on one of these links (self-extracting zip files)
(all chapters in one download- 85Mb)
(one chapter at a time - ch1 - ch2 - ch3 - ch4)
2) Choose 'run' and wait a few minutes for it to finish downloading
3) choose 'run' again
4) click 'Browse...' and navigate to a place on your computer where you want the files stored - remember this location
5) click 'ok'
6) click 'unzip'
7) click 'close' - you're done
8 ) navigate to where you told it to store your files and look for a folder - the name of that folder should have something to do with the chapter you chose

If you're a Mac person, here is the whole book as a simple zip file.

answers to selected chapter exercises (this is a pdf file)

How to Print one of the chapters: while you are viewing one of the pdf files, you may print it by right-clicking your mouse on one of the pages and choosing 'print'

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please download and install - also, if you watch the first 3 and number 7 short Quick-Start tutorials, they're pretty cool and will get you started. The self-paced tutorial within the software under the Help menu are maybe even better.